OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Asynchronous Jobs with Gearmand

To be ready for use-cases where time-consuming jobs need to be done in the background, the eccenca dev team added support for the gearmand job server: Gearman provides a generic application framework to farm out work to other machines or processes that are better suited to do the work. More specifically, we had esp. the [...]

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: LOV Integration

This weeks presented feature is the new integration interface of the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) repository. LOV is a hand crafted repository of linked RDF/OWL vocabularies with well managed vocabulary meta data. We added a Vocabulary Selection module in order to allow searching and exploring of the LOV repository. This module allows for: Create a [...]

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Document Management

This weeks presented feature is the files extension available at An not so often requested feature of OntoWiki is the ability to not just talk about resources such as PDF documents and MP3 files, but also to manage these files inside OntoWiki. The files extension is exactly this. By enabling this extension, you can [...]

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: API Documentation

This week we would like to present the revised API reference documentation, hostet at The documentation collects informationen about classes of OntoWiki and the Erfurt library while leaving out other libraries (like Zend Framework etc.) to stay compact. Next to the documentation for the master branch, you now are also able to look inside the [...]

OntoWiki Feature of the Week: Enhanced Model Creation

Dear OntoWiki Users, This weeks feature hooks into the knowledge base/model creation and add data process. You can create a new knowledge base from the “Knowledge Bases” module’s menu with “Edit > Create Knowledge Base”. The title and the URI for the new knowledge base are optional now and you can start rightaway with a [...]


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